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How to make the best choice for a Range Finder

What is a Range Finder

A range finder is an owesome modern device that is used to measure distance between the observer and the target. It is used for surveying, golfing, navigation, photography or precise aiming of a weapon. The Range Finder is quickly replacing devices such as binoculars and riflescopes which have been in use for decades. In the world of golf, Range Finders are very useful, actually, knowing the exact distance helps the golfer to make the right choice of the club to use. Therefore, answering the question; how do you choose a good range finder? is key to aquiring a device that will execellent results to the user.


Some Range Finders are fitted with cameras that helps in accuracy of distance readings. The camera measures the distance and takes a photograph of the subject. This facilitates in making informed decisions regarding the actions of the Range Finder user. The decisions are accurately made and thus outcomes are often favourable since guess work is eliminated or reduced to a bear minimum.


Features of an Ideal Range Finder

1. Waterproof/resistant;

2. Diffrent modes;

3. Ability to obtain distance reading


Types of Range Finders

The common variaties of range finders are;

1. Golf Range Finder

2. Golf laser Rangefinder

3. Hunting Rangefinder

4. Laser Distance meter

5.Bushnell Rangefinder


How do you choose a good Range Finder?

Prior to making a decision to purchase a Range Finder, it is necessary for you to understand the purpose for which the device will be used for, the environmental conditions under which it will be used as well as the expected accuracy of the distance readings to be obtained. Incase the Range Finder will be used during a rainy season, it must be water proof to avoid damage. A hunter will definitely require a different Range Finder from that of a golfer or a commander in the army. Therefore it is crucial that the buyer gives adequate information to the seller on the expected use of the device, expected environment in which the device will be subjected to and the expected accuracy of the distance readings. In addition, the buyer should consult on the available options in regard to versions/models of the same Range Finder. In some instances, a earlier model may be more appropriate than a later one depending on the new features.

Occasionally, newer models may leave out some features that a buyer may be interested In. Alternatively the materials used for new models may not withstand the conditions under which the device will be subjected to, in such a case it is safer to consider buying an older model. In the event that a buyer is not keen on precision for the device required, there are chances that one gets confused and end up buying a Range Finder that will not give the best results. An exa

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